We had our premier in Aalborg at theatre Nordkraft! We are grateful those that breathed in crying and breathed out laughing. We where all present and awake.

Remember to breathe. Cheers to life and love with generosity.

EX GRATIA in june Aalborg

We will premier a new MINDGROUP show in june í Denmark. Jón Páll and Jón Atli are doing a workshop as part of New Communities in Aalborg. New communities is a cooperation between Teater Nordkraft and the Danish National School of Performing Arts- Continuing Education. They are looking to create a network for younger Nordic performing artists, who are interested in new ways of creating. As part of New Communities we premier ZOMBIE 2:EX GRATIA.



About the performance

The rules of the machine are simple. The rules are few.

1.The stage is never empty.

2. Breathe. Remember to breathe.

3. Wait 3 seconds.

4. Is it hot or cold?

5. We accept all gifts.

6. If you hear it it may be born.

7. We speak the unbearable.

We follow these rules of the machine. Ex gratia. Voluntarily, with grace , out of love.

The performance takes about 70-80 minutes.


Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir
Jón Atli Jónasson
Jón Páll Eyjólfsson
Ólafía Hrönn Jónsdóttir

Premier: Premier in 2014 at New Communities

Hamlet´s lost car key`s and the plague of fantasies/New Communities june 2014

The workshop is part of New Communities and The Nordic Performing Arts Days 2014. The workshop is three days practical work and theory on the Theatre machine.
The theatre machine is a general theory on collective work in performing arts. It is the result of our work in the open collective Mindgroup.
The Workshop focuses on using the theatre machine practically as a means of dismantling and deactivating the accepted fantasy and projected fantasies on classic text and as a tool to explore the written and unwritten rules of any situation.
further info at http://www.teaterskolen-efteruddannelsen