Bingo This was your life!

About the play.

The production was done at the City Theater of Uppsala, Sweden.

Gerontology (research in aging) specially the book “Åldrandets socialpsykologi - teorin om Gerotranscendens” by the Uppsala professor Lars Tornstam and Albert Camus “the Myth of Sisyphus” as well as a group of senior citizens and there life stories where used to open op the meaning of life by looking the meaning of death.

The group got in contact with a choir of senior citizens of Uppsala they called them selves Kungsfåglarna ( The kings birds). They where asked to participate in the project both as a choir, and as individuals that would tell there own stories.

A requiem was composed that they sung and divided the play into 4 pieces. The audience played a game of BINGO conducted by one of the choir member. The six actors included in the production, told different life stories from the members of the choir each evening. With interludes from the wheel of life or the wheel of death, here the audience that got to turn the wheel to then get a random number from one performance from one of the actors. There was singing and a small ball was thrown up as the seniors wanted to give the audience an insight into how they used to dance with each other.

The story:

Evening with the senior citizen choir Kungsfåglarna at the Uppsala City Theater. An evening controlled by the coincidence, the life wheel and death wheel as well as the game of BINGO control what stories and performances will be done that evening. Interactive existential game of BINGO and Wheel of life and death, with music, songs and stories of every day life performed by the Kungsfåglarna and the six actors.


Mind Group:
Martin Eriksson.
Egill Pálsson.
Therese Söderberg
Leif Jordansson

Tytte Jonsson, Gustav Levin, Alexander Salzberger, Anders Mossling, Lina Ekblad,
Chatarina Larsson, Leif Jordansson.