Highlands in your mind


Recent surveys in Iceland have revealed that a majority of the population of Iceland do not intend to travel to see the highlands of Iceland. But still a large percentage of the population are a opposed to the constructing of aluminum smelters and power plants in the highlands. To try to meet these contradictions Alcoa in Iceland have come up with the perfect solution. A series of DVD discs titled THE HIGHLANDS IN YOUR MIND. These breathtaking DVD disc series include marvellous aerial footage of the unspoiled nature and wildlife of the Icelandic highlands. These glorious images are accompanied by a stunningly beautiful score influx ed by the sounds of Icelandic nature and wildlife. Order your special priced copy today.


About the event

The event Highlands in your mind was an experiment in dialogue that Mindgroup did in 2006 on the 17Th of june the national day of Iceland. We went to the streets in the center of Reykjavík proposed a dialogue with the general public on conserving nature digitally in order to expedite damming of glacial rivers. It was an experiment in manufacturing consent by proposing a very simple argument: if we conserve nature digitally then we can dispense with nature conservation and fully harness the power of our highlands. We presented ourselves as working for the consulting and marketing firm Mindgroup working for ALCOA in Iceland. As soon as people consented to the idea of digitally conserving nature we proposed numerous ways of utilizing the highlands for projects such as a storage area for nuclear waste, a weapons factory and even an Nuclear Power Plant.

Reykjavík (2006)

Egill Anton Pálsson
Jón Atli Jónasson
Stefán Jónsson
Jón Páll Eyjólfsson