About the play.

Hunger was a project that investigated the theme HUNGER. The project was done in the City Theater of Gothenburg, one of Sweden’s strongest working class cities. Both these factors affected the projects nature.

The production consisted of several fragments, all from drama to documentary texts that where arranged in to build op a piece that led us into the modern kitchen right from the lifestyle magazines. The fragments where:

Gerhard Hauptmans drama The Weavers, from 1892, that the actors fought to present on stage with no success. The play was done backwards so it started wit the end and ended with the beginning, revealing the reason for revolution. Since the grave poverty of the play has no feedback in our times, only the scene when the young mother commits suicide to the actors understand the gravity of physical HUNGER:

Reenactments: in 1917 in Gothenburg women of the working class demonstrated against the starvation, and demanded bread, rights, equality, flowers, songs and intellectual happiness. This peaceful demonstration got so intense that it was only by a sharp decision by the chief of police of using his forces to create lines for the bakeries and not beating them up.
This, the group of actors did with an amateur theater group from the Union of retired steelworkers.

Consumption histories: Documentary material that created 5 stories about the effect of consumption on individuals, and there desires, hunger. Ending with the story of Armin the German cannibal who ate his friend.

Dj strike: one of the actors created a DJ figure that through music and small stories told the history of the working class and the 68´revolution. Resulting in a revolution by one of the younger members of the ensemble that is a child of the 68’, she told her childhood stories of lost communes with open sex that resulted in horrifying fights and battles of egos.

A band:
Three young musicians from the Academy in Gothenburg created a brass band playing old working class songs and anthems.

The story:
5 actors come on stage with 3 musicians to investigate what HUNGER is. What does this word mean to day, and do we HUNGER for anything in the time of overload of everything? Never before has the western world spent so much money on a new lifestyle kitchen and never before have we ordered so much take away!

Music: Anders Gabrielson, Johan Birgenius, Jonatan Ahlbom
Actors: Eivin Dahlgren, Per-Anders Ericson, Åsa-Lena Hjelm, Lisa Lindgren, Emilie Strandberg

Egill Palsson
Martin Eriksson
Daniel Wedel
Carina Britt Schiessl

Info on Hunger

Premier  Göteborg City Theatre 2009 Studio Stage