About the play

Partiland is a celebration, a celebration of our Independence as a democracy, a celebration of the Icelandic republic. Harking back to the founding days of the Icelandic republic. Partiland is a web of speeches, staged scenes, pancake baking, an appearance from the "funniest man in Iceland" coffee brewing with some musical numbers thrown in, audience members drinking free Coke on stage, free balloons, song and dance from an old peoples sports club and of course a dog show and a techno dance number and ending with a all womens choir singing joined on stage by their daughters all dressed in white. Partiland borrows its atmosphere from the "commoners" of Iceland and their entertainment tradition including the obligatory drag act. It is an event echoing our ritualistic celebration of our Independence.
Partiland is also deals with democracy and the object is to investigate what democracy means to us and what our idea of democracy is in Iceland. Some would say that we are a thriving democracy and that it has a rich history in Iceland and that we have been as a nation in the forefront of democratic practice.

But the idea of democracy that we investigate in Partiland has nothing to do with governmental practice. Democracy is in it self an experiment and it is only by common practice and the inspection of democracy that we can measure its strength. We would even go so far as saying that democracy has nothing to do with politics. We believe that the state of democracy is revealed in the image that the people have of the country that they inhabit. Their views, and self-image will always be the foundation on which we base our democracy. The hope is that the way that we celebrate our democracy will reveal the true measurement of the state of our democracy.

Partiland was part of the
Reykjavík Art Festival in 2007 and in collaboration with the National Theatre of Iceland.

Erlingur Gíslason
Björn Thors
Laufey ElíasdóttirSheba Ojienda
Friðgeir Einarsson
Jón Atli Jónasson
Jón Páll Eyjólfsson
Rúnar Júliusson
Glóð Sports Club
The Asociaton of Icelandic Dog Breeders: Chihuahua Branch
Ólöf Arnalds
Vox Feminae
Margrét J. Pálmadóttir

National Theatre of Iceland. 2007 Big stage

Extended material


Machines and rehearsals