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You are here (2009)

About the play

A performance ripped out of recent events in Icelandic society in recent months. With all the absurd dialogue of the press, politicians, heads of state, common people and various experts in regards to what really happened to the little island way up north. Not only did the the world financial crisis hit Iceland first, but it hit Iceland hardest. Almost overnight this, one of the world's richest countries, learned the hard way that it's debt was estimated to be 12 times it's annual income and it was time to pay up. There was no value behind the gambling money. All financial and national institutions grinded to a halt. As did the politicians and government. The financial system collapsed and in the fall it took ideology of capitalism and the free market with it. How did the politicians, the architects of this system and all major players explain this to the Icelandic nation that is now going to pay this enormous debt? What happened and why? How big is this debt and what are we paying for? How are we going to do it? After massive demonstrations that overthrew the reigning government and elections where the nation made a hard left towards liberal socialism, we still know nothing. Every day companies go bankrupt and the number of unemployed rises beyond national record. Iceland is still falling.


Three men find themselves in the middle of the ruins of a country. They discover that the world they knew and to a degree created has come to an end. They have to learn to navigate a new and barren landscape as they try to piece together what actually happened and where they go from here.

Jón Atli Jónasson
Jón Páll Eyjólfsson
Hallur Ingólfsson
Kári Gíslason

Reykjavík City Theatre 2009 New Stage

Nordwind Festival Berlin 2009 HAU3

Nominated for the DV cultural prize 2010
Nominated in 4 categories for the "Gríma" in 2009

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