Zombie tests and transmissions


Zombie tests and transmissions (2011)

About the performance

Was I sleeping, while the others suffered? Am I sleeping now? Tomorrow, when I wake, or think I do, what shall I say of today?

These lines from Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett form the question that the Theatre company Mindgroup adress in their latest production titled "Zombie tests and transmissions." Never before have we as a society been bombarded with as much news and media coverage of tragedies both local and global. Do we shield ourselves against this constant state of tragedy by raising our threshold of pain? Maybe to the point where we are uncapable of recognizing the warning signs? The young man who posts love letters to a girl on Youtube only to be ridiculed online. Why didn´t we see him until he killed the girl´s boyfriend? Or the teenage girl who dropped out of the national soccer team and took an overdose of poisoned amphetamin on her seventeenth birhtday? The hotel worker who hid her pregnancy and dumped her newborn child in a dumpster behind the hotel where she worked? The Norwegian who made a bomb and dressed up as a policeman and massacred the young people in Utey? Where there any warning signs? All these man made tragedies end up on the news but our repsonse to them of late seems to be one of utter detachment. "Zombie tests and transmissions" is a performance where this end of history, where nothing comes as a suprise anymore, where everything is as advertised, is tested. Where the question about the state of our humanity is explored. Where we deserve all the best and have no one to thank but ourselves.

"Zombie tests and transmissions" is Mindgroup´s third production at The Reykjavik City Theatre. Mindgroup are Jón Páll Eyjólfsson, Jón Atli Jónasson, Hallur Ingólfsson and Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir. They write, direct, produce, with The Reykjavik City theatre, and perform "Zombie tests and transmissions".

Zombie tests and transmissions is a performance with four performers. All technical aspects of the performance is in their hands during the performance. They cue light and sound at will and every performance is unique. The theme is the same but subject matters change. Everything is permitted on stage as long as its honest and has to be heard. All mistakes are welcomed and each show starts with a carte blanche. Each performer has rehearsed some monologues but they can decide themselves in the performance to perform them or something else entirely. Among the four performers a contract is made before each performance to play and support and express themselves in a manor they think is best. There are curtains on stage with four entrances and the performers can control them with a pulley system. Behind the curtains are a some costumes that the performers can change into. There are no set pieces on stage. The stage is preferably small with four to six footlights and a few other lights.

The performance takes about 70-80 minutes.

Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir
Hallur Ingólfsson 
Jón Atli Jónasson
Jón Páll Eyjólfsson 
Kjartan Þórisson

Reykjavik City Theatre Small Stage 2011

Extended Material:
Photos from perfomance
Short Zombie Test and Transmission Video